Tencent will be releasing a second expansion for Monster Hunter Online on June 28. In this new expansion, there will be a new hunting area, new systems, and most importantly 8 new monsters will be coming to us!

Below are the 8 new monsters (consists of existing and exclusive monsters that are only in MHO)

1. White Monoblos

2. Lavasioth

3. Chameleos

4. Gravios

5. Fire attribute Blangonga (MHO exclusive)

6. Merphistophelin subspecies (MHO exclusive Elder Dragon)

7. Slicemargl subspecies (MHO exclusive)

8. Rajang

Volcano map will be released in this second expansion. Here is a preview of it.

Other contents which will be released in the expansion includes new equipment system, an increase in max level cap from 40 to 50, higher rarity of felyne cats available and also a new hunting model. These contents are not yet released in details and will only be available when the expansion is nearer to date. Stay tune for even more updates!

Source: http://mho.qq.com/webplat/info/news_version3/5499/5500/5501/5502/m4028/201606/476838.shtml
Hi guys! Today I will discuss the remaining weapons not covered in Part 1

6. Hunting Horn (HH)

Pros : HH is able to support party members by applying beneficial buffs (different HH has different buffs) to everyone such as attack up, affinity up and many more. In addition, certain HH can also heal everyone which saves up the amount of potion used and increased sustainability for the party since in much later hunts there will be multiple monsters appearing in a hunt. HH, like Hammer, can also apply KO status effect on monsters which creates more space for the party to deal damage. HH is indispensable in 12 man raids (such as Shen Gaoren) since the buffs/heals now applies to even more people (even higher value!). Not forgetting the incredible HH ultimate which can make monsters stumble and fall thereby creating even more opportunity for everyone to DPS.

Cons: HH has a very low damage output since most of the time players have to be focused on rebuffing and healing the whole party. Also, HH is extremely hard to run solo hunts such as Monoblos and Shattered Monoblos since it is a party reliant weapon. HH might be expensive for new players since different HH has different buffs and a good HH user needs to be able to wield the correct HH depending on hunt that the party is going for.

Conclusion : HH is suitable for players who seeks for party play and likes supporting the party. It is advisable to run HH as main weapon and craft a secondary weapon for solo plays or completing achievements.

7. Lance

Pros : Lance is able to dish out damage to monsters without worrying much about dodging monsters' attacks.(Of course, simple evading is still needed) After damaging monsters, players are able to enter guard mode almost instantly to start blocking monsters' counterattacks. Lance has a charging move set making its mobility very high when pitting against fast monsters which moves around often.

Cons : Lance players damage output are not top tier and the guard has to be further enhanced by armour skills in order to block even stronger attacks. Not recommended for players who likes fast paced weapons. Thus, the difficulty level of mastering Lance is much higher than the rest of the weapons.

Conclusion : Lance generally has better mobility than its counterpart, Gun Lance. However, Gun Lance has higher damage output than Lance due to wyvern fire. Thus, the choice of Lance and Gun Lance differs only between better mobility (Lance) or better damage output (Gun Lance)

8. Gun Lance

Pros : Higher damage output compared to Lance due to wyvern fire. Gun Lance, as the name implies, has an in built gun inside which allows players to shoot using bullets instead of the normal Lance pierce attack. Gun Lance can also block like Lance which allows players to attack at melee range without worrying much about dodging monsters' counterattacks. (Of course, simple evading is still needed)

Cons : Gun Lance has lower mobility as compared to Lance. It has a slight disadvantage while fighting fast monsters. Thus, the difficulty level of mastering Gun Lance is much higher than the rest of the weapons.

9. Bowgun (BG)

Pros : One of the two ranged weapons in MHO as of now. Ranged weapons generally have better damage windows since monsters' melee ranged attacks are not going to reach BG players. BG can be further classified under charged shot BG or rapid fire BG which open up to more play styles to players. In early stages, ranged players can save on crafting early game armours while only relying on the starting armour to reach the HR armours. In addition, BG is much more user friendly as compared to other MH series since mouse is used to aim.

Cons : Every bullets other than the default one requires materials to craft especially for hunts that takes very long. Since bullets have a carrying capacity limit, players are required to bring in materials and craft bullets to continue dishing out damage output to monsters. Furthermore, materials to craft bullets are fairly expensive and hard to obtain which is not economically friendly to new player. Ranged armour has lesser defense than Blademaster armour which means that a single heavy blow from monsters is enough to incapacitated you.

Conclusion : BG is fairly expensive to main for a new player. Thus, be prepared to spend silvers and golds to fund for BG. It is recommended for players who are good in FPS and likes to stay far away dealing damage to monsters. It is recommended to at least take up one range weapon for versatility.

10. Bow

Pros : Bow is a much cheaper weapon to fund since the arrows are infinite and the arrows deal way more damage than a default bullet BG. Bow has a variety of choices from long ranged (Pierce bow) to medium ranged (Rapid bow) to short ranged (Spread Bow), each having its own advantages and disadvantages. Bow relies on applying coatings onto their arrows (power for damage, sleep/poison/para for status etc) to provide different effects. Bow also has charge shot which opens out to even more move sets.

Cons : The aiming system of bow might not be that user friendly as compared to BG. Coatings will take up a number of space in your inventory as compared to melee weapon players. In addition, similar to BG, materials are needed to be brought in to craft for more coatings. Ranged armour has lesser defense than Blademaster armour which means that a single heavy blow from monsters is enough to incapacitated you.

Conclusion : Bow is suitable for players who prefer to play range weapon and at the same time not willing to spend too much silvers or gold. Bow, as compared to BG, has more move sets which will be less mundane than playing BG. It is recommended to at least take up one range weapon for versatility.

That's all for the introduction to weapons. I hope you guys find these little information useful! Happy Hunting!

Hi guys, today I shall touch on one of the most frequently asked questions by new players when playing Monster Hunter Online, "Which weapon should I go for?"

One of the key features of Monster Hunter Online is the wide variety of weapons available for players to use for hunts. It is definitely possible for players to use all types of weapons. However, due to the high cost of crafting/upgrading weapons and the limited amount of ways to earn silvers and gold , it is rather difficult for new players to possess different types of end-game tier weapons in a short amount of time. I would strongly recommend new players to find a suitable type of weapon and get it to end-game tier before switching to other weapons. Below, I will touch on 5 of the 10 weapons and the rest on the next part.

1. Sword and Shield (SnS)

Pros : SnS is one of the two weapons that has the fastest attack speed (the other one being Dual Sword). SnS is able to disengage and engage the monsters perfectly which makes it able to strike the monsters when there is open opportunity and avoid the monsters' attack agilely. The shield is able to block monsters' incoming roar and wind pressure (with precise timing) preventing you entering knock back status which makes you vulnerable to monsters' attack. SnS works best with elemental attribute and status attribute since it can dish out many hits in a given amount of time as compared to other slow weapon. 

Cons : There is a need to craft many different types of elemental/status SnS (to counter corresponding monsters) which can pose a problem to new players. In addition, due to a nerf in SnS move set previously, SnS is unable to dish out constant damage to the monsters as compared to its Dual Sword counterpart. Great Sword, Lance and Gun Lance are also able to block like SnS does and can even block better than SnS. 

Conclusion : SnS users have seen a sharp decline in hunts. I would recommend new players who likes fast paced weapons to go for Dual Sword while players who likes weapons with blocking mechanism to go for Great Sword, Lance or Gun Lance. 

2. Dual Sword (DS)

Pros : DS has the fastest attack speed among all the weapons (fast in normal attacks and extremely fast in Demon Mode). DS has high mobility and is able to disengage and engage monsters well. In addition, DS evading strike (Space Bar only when Demon Gauge has been locked before otherwise Space Bar would be a normal tumble) has higher I-Frame compared to normal tumble which makes it able to dodge attacks when time perfectly (according to my personal experience). Works great with elemental/status attribute like SnS.

Cons : There is a need to craft many different types of elemental/status DS which may pose a problem to new players. Another setback DS has is that its move set has long animations which means that players are vulnerable to monsters attack during that period of time. Players have to be familiar with the monsters attack pattern and find the perfect opportunity to dish out combos otherwise they will be severely punished from the monsters' counterattacks.

Conclusion : DS suits players who prefers fast attack speed weapons and able to dish out different move sets. DS is more on a full offensive play style compared to the SnS.

3. Long Sword a.k.a Taichi (LS)

Pros : LS has relatively fast attack speed with good move sets to evade and strike at the same time. LS is much more easier in tackling monsters' tail compared to SnS and DS (short length). LS is a more versatile weapon whereby it is okay to go for elemental/status attribute LS or even raw damage LS. Also the relatively long attack range allows you to be able to have more room to react to monsters attack and dodge them accordingly. 

Cons: LS, in my opinion, is more like a jack of all trades, master of none weapon. For example, in terms of dealing elemental/status attribute, SnS and DS will definitely outshine LS. In terms of dealing raw damage output, Great Sword, Hammer, Bowgun, Bow, Gun Lance, Lance, can do better damage output. 

Conclusion : Despite LS being master of none, Tencent has always been buffing LS to be on par with other weapons in terms of damage output and implement better move sets combo for LS. In addition, LS is a easy weapon to master and suits new players excellently.

4. Great Sword (GS)

Pros : GS has one of the highest damage per hit (with full charge) among all weapons which can easily flinch monsters to disrupt their deadly attacks. In addition, GS can break monsters part easily due to the high damage dealt. GS has the ability to blocks certain attacks which allows players to focus more on counterattacks rather than spending time in dodging the attacks. Also, players only need to focus on high raw damage for GS which can be cost saving compared to other fast weapons such as SnS, DS, LS.

Cons : GS is a very slow weapon and the mobility of the users are very low. Thus, when facing fast monsters, players will face difficulties landing full charge attack (unable to move when charging) on monsters. Elemental/Status attribute does not work well in GS. High level of mastery and knowledge of monsters' attack pattern is required to use GS. In addition, since charge attacks deal the most damage output, other move sets are often not used which may become mundane for some who likes to dish out different types of move sets.

Conclusion : GS is recommended for players who likes high damage and are not afraid of the mundane skill sets. Also recommended for players who prefers offensive play styles.

5. Hammer

Pros : One of the key features of Hammer is that it is able to land monsters into KO status when focusing hits on monsters' head. It is extremely crucial against fast monsters as the monsters can be focused fired during KO status. Also, Hammer is able to charge attacks while walking (consume stamina) unlike GS. Hammer can break monsters' parts easily which can be effective against monsters such as Akura Vashimu. Raw damage Hammer is often used which means that it is cheaper to craft compared to SnS, DS, LS.

Cons : Hammer is unable to cut tails unlike the cut type weapons as they are classified as impact type weapons. Mobility of Hammer is relatively slow and some move sets have high animation which makes players vulnerable to monsters' attacks. Hammer's short range also means that players have to get very close to monsters in order to damage them which has higher chance of getting hit compared to longer range melee weapons.

Conclusion : Hammer is a great weapon to have in hunts as it can land monsters into KO status to create more free space to damage monsters. Also, breaking parts easily allows players to collect the materials more efficiently. Hammer is economically good for new players as players can focus on only upgrading a single high raw damage hammer rather than having to craft different types of hammers.

That's all for now! Stay tuned to Part 2 for the remaining weapons! Happy Hunting!

1. http://mho.qq.com/cp/a20160517gehk/index.htm

Daily quest for the month of June (1/6~31/6) ( I have broken down into 4 segments/titles according to the website)
1. June reward bag
Each QQ account can only claim the reward bag once. The reward bag includes a cosmetic hair cash item (30days), 10 hunting tickets, 10 cat revive tickets, 10 golden cat coin, 3000 silvers and 10 mega potions.
2. Accumulate points by completing these quests daily. (You have to claim the points through the website daily after completion!) The quests are as follow: Login the game (2 points), complete a hunt (4 points) Note: Includes normal hunts, HR hunts, HR elites hunts or royal guild hunts, consume a cat(felyne) meal which can be consumed at the kitchen (2 points) and lastly, complete a bounty board mission (4 points)
3. Exchange your accumulated points here! Click on 领取 to exchange for the item that you want. Beside 领取 is the required amount of points needed to exchange for that particular item. ( Eg. 15积分 means you would need 15 points to exchange that item)
4. For a fee of 3 points, players can take part in the daily divine lot and test your luck here. Rewards include 1 point, 5 points, 10 points, 15 points, 30 points, 50 points, 100 points, 100 hunting coins, 500 hunting coins, 1000 hunting coins, 3000 hunting coins or 10000 hunting coins! Only once per day!!
Happy Hunting!!

Daily login rewards for the month of June (1/6~31/6)
Login the game daily and you can claim the corresponding reward the following day at 12pm (GMT+8)

Slicemargl lucky draw event from 17th March 2016 - 31st March 2016

Condition: Every hunt of Slicemargl entitles 2 lucky draw chances max 6 per day
Can be drawn the following day
Able to win prizes and in game items

Website: Slicemargl event URL
Patch notes for 17 March

1. New elite monster : Slicemargl (can be unlocked in HR3/4 Elite)
2. New armour registration function. Players can now register armour sets to easily switch between armours
3. Armour appearance changing functions. Players can now change their armour appearance to other armour appearance while retaining the armour skills and stats
4. Costume set animation. Equipping a full set of costume activates a unique animation for the particular costume. Currently only works on the snow costume set
5. Added long sword achievements. Same as lance achievement
6. New cash stuffs
7. Smoothen walking animation when sheathing weapon and sprint
8. Increase the turning speed when sheathing weapon

Long Sword Changes
1. Stepping vertical slash – Action speed increase, accumulation of spirit gauge increase and after using stepping vertical slash, follow up of normal vertical slash becomes smoother
2. Vertical slash – Action speed increase, 2nd vertical slash combo animation becomes smoother
3. Spirit gauge 1st bar – Action speed increase
4. Spirit gauge 2nd bar – Action speed increase
5. Spirit gauge 3rd bar – Action speed increase
6. Piercing attack – Accumulation of spirit gauge decrease
7. Horizontal slash ( Follow up after piercing attack) – Accumulation of spirit gauge decrease, animation time increase, action speed decrease
8. Evading slash (Directional key + Left click) – accumulation of spirit gauge decrease, no longer consume stamina and change of keys from directional key + left click to left click + right click
9. Spirit slash – After animation, you can now evade to cancel the sheathing animation
10. Sheathing spirit slash – No longer consumes spirit
11. Talent 气刃再生 – When spirit drains at 3rd bar, it will drop to 2nd bar instead of 1st bar
12. Talent 气刃再续 – Change of name to 大开大合. When using Half-moon slash (right click), you can now evade to cancel the sheathing animation

Sword and Shield
1. Talent 动如脱兔 – Works normally now

Gun Lance
1. Charge shot with follow up defensive piercing attack works normally now

Monsters Changes
1. Monsters no longer cause 2 damage instances instead of 1
2. Removal of dusts animation when tigrex is spinning so as to not disrupt the vision of players
3. Monoblos no longer gets stuck to objects

Hunting Ground Changes
1. Match making interface reduce in size. Interface will pop up at the last 5s of ready up.
2. There will be a more clear indication on the map when players have completed main quests.

Royal Hunting Ground Changes
1. Completing any 3 of the royal hunts and achievements will be completed

Arena Changes
1. Passing of ultimate no longer displays error 

Consumables, Storage and Misc Changes
1. Auto arrange now works properly
2. Pressing enter when searching items in storage now works
3. When weapon awakening is activated, the relevant buffs can be viewed in character information (P)
4. Improves the armour skills UI. Not activated skills – Grey text, Activated skills – Green text, Negative skills – Red text
5. Removing listed objects in AH now comes with a fee of 20% of the current bid in silver
6. More details of fees will be sent to seller via mail when the transaction is completed in the AH
7. Traps planted by felyne cats now displays in the minimap
8. Felyne cats now properly plant pitfall traps in battle
9. Cat food buffs no longer shows beside character name but in character information (P)

1. Free Giveaways
As long as your account is created before 1st Feb 2016, you can redeem free giveaways consisting of 10 first tier talent coin fragments, 5 second tier talent coin fragments, 20 silver cat jade and 30k silver. Click 领取 and select your character and server to redeem it.

2. Login gifts
Login any day from 11th March to 31st March and you can redeem the login giveaways accordingly. Click on 登录X天 (where X is 一,二,三,四,五 which means login for 1,2,3,4,5 days) and click 领取 to redeem the respective rewards for the day.

3. Lucky draw (Found at the last part of the page)
Accumulate 7 days of login in game and you are entitled for a lucky draw with many attractive prizes to be won. Simply click 立即抽奖 upon accumulation of 7 days of login and you will receive your reward.

MHO Event URL here

- Group finder will now cause the MHO icon in your desktop taskbar to light up and blink when a group is found
- Search function added to achievement window (the place where you see the hunter star requisites)
- Added a quick-flip button in the achievement window, clicking it will flip 5 pages at once.
- Felyne armors will now be sent to your mailbox if your inventory is full
- HR Cert 1s (古文书·一), the pink paper you get when you complete a 1 or 2 star-rank HR bounty quest, can now be traded-up for HR Cert 2s (those you get for 3 and 4 star-rank HR bounty quests) at the Mysterious Peddler (神秘商人), with a markup of 200 silver per trade-up.
- Usage of the Hot-air balloon to travel from 米拉德村 (Milarde Village, the starting village with a blacksmith) to 梅杰波尔谈 (Mezzaporta, the biggest town with access to the felyne quest area) as well as vice versa is now free-of-charge(Used to cost 1000 silver per trip).
- Hot-air balloon tickets are now no longer used, any currently-held tickets can be sold to NPCs for 1000 silver each.
- New cash shop items: 银袋子 and 玉匣子
List of bug fixes:
- Fixed Lance charge speed too slow
- Fixed Lance defensive strike too little animation delay
- Fixed Akura Vashimu sometimes would appear to drift when turning
- Fixed Red SGR's fireball would not mesh properly when it hit the ground
- Fixed a total loss of farm points after sex change as reported by some hunters
- Fixed bowgunners getting stuck when attempting to slide/dodge while having no stamina to do so
- Fixed occassional spontaneous incinerations in the Special SGR maps when operating the cannons and ballistas
- Fixed overtly flashy special effects were when Rathalos is captured by pitfall/shock traps
- Fixed disappearing NPCs due to players not completing the SGR quest
- Lance will now burn the correct amount of stamina when charging
- Optimized physics for scarves
- Fixed the names for certain Yian Garuga materials, they can now be properly searched for via the inventory search function as well as the AH search function
- Optimized the battle against the Green Yian Kut-ku on-board the airship
- Optimized the first step positioning of hunters ( I think this allows you to take small steps more controllably by lightly tapping wasd, should be good in some felyne quests where you have to find items on the ground with a detector)
- Optimized some NPC constume meshes
- Added in the Lance movelist: You can also charge by pressing "V"
- Players can no longer abandon SGR quests
Patch Notes for 1/3 (2am - 8am GMT+8)
New contents:
  1. Added new monster Tigrex which will be included in HR elite 2
  2. Added unstable monsters in Rathalos hunts
  3. Rathalos and Tigrex now appears in unstable environment
  4. To access HR 3/4 hunts, it now requires unlocking of any 3 HR elite 1 monsters instead of the designated 3 (Ice chramine, Swordmaster shogun ceanataur and Akura Vashimu)
  5. Added 2 sub species of Shen Gaoren (Only available on weekends)
  6. Added air battle hunts
  7. Added Lance event. Upon completion of the event, players will be rewarded with jewels and 5 talent coins fragments
  8. Added Tigrex simulator hunt. Players above level 20 can enter to do trial hunts against Tigrex.
  9. Normal Shen Gaoren is now available any day of the week (originally only on weekends). However, it can only be completed 3 times per week.
  10. New weapon : Lance
  11. Added a numerous amount of cash costumes and items
  12. New achievements added. Complete the required hunts with assigned weapons and be rewarded with weapon talent coins fragments. For now, only lance is available.
  13. Changes to cat revive ticket system. Upon receiving cat revive tickets, it will automatically be charged into your cat revive tickets reserve instead of having to right click from inventory before charging into the reserves.
  14. Added cat kitchen near the entrance of hunts
  15. Added the features to cook meat in towns
  16. Removed CNY decorations
  17. Improves the UI of bow and gun lance in farm
  18. Inactive guild clearance. Every Monday 3am GMT+8, guilds with EVERY members not logged in for more than 30days will be automatically disbanded. Any items in guild storage will be deleted. Guild members will be reimbursed contributions points to be used when joining new guilds
  19. New guild regulations. Guild members who joined less than 24hours cannot be kicked.
  20. Guild group quests rewards now gives silver to players instead of contributing to the guild. In addition, lowers the experience needed to level up guild.
  21. Increase user experience when using the controller. Upon restarting MHO, system will not automatically change to controller mode.
  22. Re balancing of the skill Evade. Evade +1 now increases the iframe by 0.08s, Evade +2 now increases the iframe by 0.15s and Evade +3 now increases the iframe by 0.2s
  23. Upon a full inventory, players can still claim the daily cat treasure rewards
  24. Deletion of indestructible and not in use quests items
  25. Increase the effect of defense ability UP
  26. Adjustments to skill jewels rarity

Bug Fix:
  1. Attacking cat companion no longer reduces sharpness
  2. Pierce bullets for bow guns no longer bugs with no damage at some hunts
  3. Blue Yian Kut-Ku charge attack during rage mode no longer damage players twice
  4. Khezu and Shogun Ceanataur can be carved when killed on the ceiling of the cave
  5. Weapon instructor no longer disappears randomly in basic weapon trainings
  6. Pirate cat no longer disappears randomly during HR hunts
  7. Players’ statues outside royal guild hall no longer has costumes effects
  8. Captured monsters can no longer be attacked upon reconnection of game
  9. Fixes to merchant quests – Hunting of Rathian (狩猎繁殖期雌火龙). Map symbol now indicated correctly when turning in eggs to Shakala
  10. Estrellian’s firefly no longer stuck in maps causing graphical lags
  11. Upon gender change, all amours’ displays now follow the current gender
  12. Costume effects now works properly under low graphics settings
  13. Party information now displays the correct weapons each player equips instead of being great sword
  14. Icon of red khezu now displays correctly instead of khezu icon
  15. Bow no longer floats in the air in rare situations
  16. Hired NPC now climbs with players to enter next map
  17. Sword and shield can no longer be in defend stance and left click allowing unlimited combos to be used
  18. Skill Stumbling Tactics (倒地之力) now works properly
  19. Prolonged AFK in town no longer crashes MHO client
  20. VIP logos can be differentiated easily
  21. Rolling now rolls in the correct direction as intended 
Happy Hunting!

This guide was submitted by one of our guild members by the name of Newnar Zhou. Credit goes to him. He will be explaining about how affinity/critical works in this game.

1) Affinity Level or 会心等级 =/= critical chance or 会心率. Affinity level contributes to critical chance as a 2nd degree polynomial.

2) The passive skill Affinity Up or 达人 is misleading as it directly gives critical chance instead of increasing Affinity level. However it only increases critical chance linearly.

3) Because 2nd degree polynomially increments, this results in a massively increased critical chance as compared to a linear increment. Thus Affinity Up is much weaker and contributes much less to damage output as compared to Affinity level.

4) However, Affinity level is soft-capped at around 18, because the only things that give Affinity level are your weapons (can give up to +10) and your title (can give up to +8). But even a mere Affinity Level 14 is enough to get you 21.8% critical chance. Affinity Up on the other hand is capped at Affinity +5 (you need 30 skill points of 达人 to get that, mind you), where it gives you a much lower, flat +16% to critical chance.

5) Don't look down on +10 Affinity level weapons even if they have seemingly lower raw damage numbers! Because Affinity Level contributes massively more than Affinity Up, the amount of critical chance given by the +10 Affinity level is much much higher than even a skill like Affinity Up +4! This is compounded even further when you get the +8 Affinity Level title, your +10 Affinity level weapon can contribute a whopping 20% critical chance! This is important especially to those who use weapons with relatively fast attack speeds and attack instances.

6) Conclusion, prioritize getting your Affinity level up by getting those titles and using weapons that give affinity level. Affinity Up is a really weak skill and can be ignored. You should get Attack Up or other skills to boost your damage once Affinity level 18 is reached instead of trying to achieve even higher critical chance via Affinity Up because it is an exercise in futility.

Forum thread here(its in Mandarin btw): 
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