Events from 2016.3.11-2016.3.31

1. Free Giveaways
As long as your account is created before 1st Feb 2016, you can redeem free giveaways consisting of 10 first tier talent coin fragments, 5 second tier talent coin fragments, 20 silver cat jade and 30k silver. Click 领取 and select your character and server to redeem it.

2. Login gifts
Login any day from 11th March to 31st March and you can redeem the login giveaways accordingly. Click on 登录X天 (where X is 一,二,三,四,五 which means login for 1,2,3,4,5 days) and click 领取 to redeem the respective rewards for the day.

3. Lucky draw (Found at the last part of the page)
Accumulate 7 days of login in game and you are entitled for a lucky draw with many attractive prizes to be won. Simply click 立即抽奖 upon accumulation of 7 days of login and you will receive your reward.

MHO Event URL here

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