17/3 Patch Notes

Patch notes for 17 March

1. New elite monster : Slicemargl (can be unlocked in HR3/4 Elite)
2. New armour registration function. Players can now register armour sets to easily switch between armours
3. Armour appearance changing functions. Players can now change their armour appearance to other armour appearance while retaining the armour skills and stats
4. Costume set animation. Equipping a full set of costume activates a unique animation for the particular costume. Currently only works on the snow costume set
5. Added long sword achievements. Same as lance achievement
6. New cash stuffs
7. Smoothen walking animation when sheathing weapon and sprint
8. Increase the turning speed when sheathing weapon

Long Sword Changes
1. Stepping vertical slash – Action speed increase, accumulation of spirit gauge increase and after using stepping vertical slash, follow up of normal vertical slash becomes smoother
2. Vertical slash – Action speed increase, 2nd vertical slash combo animation becomes smoother
3. Spirit gauge 1st bar – Action speed increase
4. Spirit gauge 2nd bar – Action speed increase
5. Spirit gauge 3rd bar – Action speed increase
6. Piercing attack – Accumulation of spirit gauge decrease
7. Horizontal slash ( Follow up after piercing attack) – Accumulation of spirit gauge decrease, animation time increase, action speed decrease
8. Evading slash (Directional key + Left click) – accumulation of spirit gauge decrease, no longer consume stamina and change of keys from directional key + left click to left click + right click
9. Spirit slash – After animation, you can now evade to cancel the sheathing animation
10. Sheathing spirit slash – No longer consumes spirit
11. Talent 气刃再生 – When spirit drains at 3rd bar, it will drop to 2nd bar instead of 1st bar
12. Talent 气刃再续 – Change of name to 大开大合. When using Half-moon slash (right click), you can now evade to cancel the sheathing animation

Sword and Shield
1. Talent 动如脱兔 – Works normally now

Gun Lance
1. Charge shot with follow up defensive piercing attack works normally now

Monsters Changes
1. Monsters no longer cause 2 damage instances instead of 1
2. Removal of dusts animation when tigrex is spinning so as to not disrupt the vision of players
3. Monoblos no longer gets stuck to objects

Hunting Ground Changes
1. Match making interface reduce in size. Interface will pop up at the last 5s of ready up.
2. There will be a more clear indication on the map when players have completed main quests.

Royal Hunting Ground Changes
1. Completing any 3 of the royal hunts and achievements will be completed

Arena Changes
1. Passing of ultimate no longer displays error 

Consumables, Storage and Misc Changes
1. Auto arrange now works properly
2. Pressing enter when searching items in storage now works
3. When weapon awakening is activated, the relevant buffs can be viewed in character information (P)
4. Improves the armour skills UI. Not activated skills – Grey text, Activated skills – Green text, Negative skills – Red text
5. Removing listed objects in AH now comes with a fee of 20% of the current bid in silver
6. More details of fees will be sent to seller via mail when the transaction is completed in the AH
7. Traps planted by felyne cats now displays in the minimap
8. Felyne cats now properly plant pitfall traps in battle
9. Cat food buffs no longer shows beside character name but in character information (P)

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