Events for the month of June


Daily quest for the month of June (1/6~31/6) ( I have broken down into 4 segments/titles according to the website)
1. June reward bag
Each QQ account can only claim the reward bag once. The reward bag includes a cosmetic hair cash item (30days), 10 hunting tickets, 10 cat revive tickets, 10 golden cat coin, 3000 silvers and 10 mega potions.
2. Accumulate points by completing these quests daily. (You have to claim the points through the website daily after completion!) The quests are as follow: Login the game (2 points), complete a hunt (4 points) Note: Includes normal hunts, HR hunts, HR elites hunts or royal guild hunts, consume a cat(felyne) meal which can be consumed at the kitchen (2 points) and lastly, complete a bounty board mission (4 points)
3. Exchange your accumulated points here! Click on 领取 to exchange for the item that you want. Beside 领取 is the required amount of points needed to exchange for that particular item. ( Eg. 15积分 means you would need 15 points to exchange that item)
4. For a fee of 3 points, players can take part in the daily divine lot and test your luck here. Rewards include 1 point, 5 points, 10 points, 15 points, 30 points, 50 points, 100 points, 100 hunting coins, 500 hunting coins, 1000 hunting coins, 3000 hunting coins or 10000 hunting coins! Only once per day!!
Happy Hunting!!

Daily login rewards for the month of June (1/6~31/6)
Login the game daily and you can claim the corresponding reward the following day at 12pm (GMT+8)

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