8/3 Patch Notes

- Group finder will now cause the MHO icon in your desktop taskbar to light up and blink when a group is found
- Search function added to achievement window (the place where you see the hunter star requisites)
- Added a quick-flip button in the achievement window, clicking it will flip 5 pages at once.
- Felyne armors will now be sent to your mailbox if your inventory is full
- HR Cert 1s (古文书·一), the pink paper you get when you complete a 1 or 2 star-rank HR bounty quest, can now be traded-up for HR Cert 2s (those you get for 3 and 4 star-rank HR bounty quests) at the Mysterious Peddler (神秘商人), with a markup of 200 silver per trade-up.
- Usage of the Hot-air balloon to travel from 米拉德村 (Milarde Village, the starting village with a blacksmith) to 梅杰波尔谈 (Mezzaporta, the biggest town with access to the felyne quest area) as well as vice versa is now free-of-charge(Used to cost 1000 silver per trip).
- Hot-air balloon tickets are now no longer used, any currently-held tickets can be sold to NPCs for 1000 silver each.
- New cash shop items: 银袋子 and 玉匣子
List of bug fixes:
- Fixed Lance charge speed too slow
- Fixed Lance defensive strike too little animation delay
- Fixed Akura Vashimu sometimes would appear to drift when turning
- Fixed Red SGR's fireball would not mesh properly when it hit the ground
- Fixed a total loss of farm points after sex change as reported by some hunters
- Fixed bowgunners getting stuck when attempting to slide/dodge while having no stamina to do so
- Fixed occassional spontaneous incinerations in the Special SGR maps when operating the cannons and ballistas
- Fixed overtly flashy special effects were when Rathalos is captured by pitfall/shock traps
- Fixed disappearing NPCs due to players not completing the SGR quest
- Lance will now burn the correct amount of stamina when charging
- Optimized physics for scarves
- Fixed the names for certain Yian Garuga materials, they can now be properly searched for via the inventory search function as well as the AH search function
- Optimized the battle against the Green Yian Kut-ku on-board the airship
- Optimized the first step positioning of hunters ( I think this allows you to take small steps more controllably by lightly tapping wasd, should be good in some felyne quests where you have to find items on the ground with a detector)
- Optimized some NPC constume meshes
- Added in the Lance movelist: You can also charge by pressing "V"
- Players can no longer abandon SGR quests
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