Monster Hunter Online (June 28 expansion sneak preview!)

Tencent will be releasing a second expansion for Monster Hunter Online on June 28. In this new expansion, there will be a new hunting area, new systems, and most importantly 8 new monsters will be coming to us!

Below are the 8 new monsters (consists of existing and exclusive monsters that are only in MHO)

1. White Monoblos

2. Lavasioth

3. Chameleos

4. Gravios

5. Fire attribute Blangonga (MHO exclusive)

6. Merphistophelin subspecies (MHO exclusive Elder Dragon)

7. Slicemargl subspecies (MHO exclusive)

8. Rajang

Volcano map will be released in this second expansion. Here is a preview of it.

Other contents which will be released in the expansion includes new equipment system, an increase in max level cap from 40 to 50, higher rarity of felyne cats available and also a new hunting model. These contents are not yet released in details and will only be available when the expansion is nearer to date. Stay tune for even more updates!

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